China Glass

25 April 202428 April 2023

Shanghai New International Expo Center

Booth 330

This year marks the 33rd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition, also known as China Glass. The exhibition, organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society, includes all aspects of the supply chain in the glass industry and is a crucial platform for business collaboration.

Transforming glass applications with innovation

Innovation is a focus at China Glass, and our Performance Coatings team will lead the way by showcasing digital inks. Our digital inks are tailored to numerous glass applications and are compatible with standard industry inkjet printers. Precision defines the digital ink application process and ensures minimal waste, fewer errors and maximum durability. 

With over 100 years of experience, our product applications elevate glass across industries, from automotive to dinnerware, housewares and construction. Explore Vibrantz’s enamels, frits, forehearth colors, batch additives and glass concentrates, among other customized solutions at China Glass!