colored acetate
colored acetate

We make pigment formulations more vibrant.

Primarily used in ink packaging, coating and plastic applications, organic pigments are typically brighter, stronger and more transparent than inorganic pigments. Vibrantz is a leading global supplier of specialty high-performing organic pigments that impart transparency and high tinting strength to establish the most vivid shades.

Our range of organic pigments help customers simplify the important process of paint dispersal in paint manufacturing. These pigments can be easily incorporated into paint systems, offering efficiency and energy savings. For customers in the building and construction industries, our comprehensive range of organic pigments paired with our pigment preparations allow us to provide tailor-made solutions.

Custom pigment formulations for our customers can be tailored around limited opacity and heat fastness, light fastness, and weather and chemical resistance levels, as required.

Lysopure’s high chemical purity helps keep food packaging safe.

Primary aromatic amines (PAA) are contaminants that occur in azo pigments and potentially pose a health risk if they migrate into food from colored packaging and napkin materials. Numerous international regulations have been implemented specifically to prohibit the release of PAAs into food. Vibrantz developed the Lysopure high purity line of organic pigments for use in indirect food contact packaging to minimize the risk of potential exposure to harmful substances.

The range of pure pigments used in Lysopure is based on a strict selection of raw materials, advanced processing techniques and an internal quality control process performed on every batch. We check each batch for PAAs, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) in the final pigment content. Lysopure is ideal for use in tissue ink and bakery paper and can be used in any application where the purity profile is of concern, such as indirect food contact packaging, finger paints, non-woven materials, and other plastic applications.

Products and solutions

PB1 – Triarylcarbonium blue

PB15 – Cu-phthalo blue

PB15:1 – Cu-phthalo blue

PB15:3 – Cu-phthalo blue

PB15:4 – Cu-phthalo blue

PG7 – Cu-phthalo green

PO13 – Disazopyrazolone orange

PO34 – Disazopyrazolone orange

PO36 – Benzimidazolone orange

PO64 – Benzimidazolone orange

PR122 – Quinacridone red

PR146 – Naphthol AS red

PR170 – Naphthol AS red

PR176 – Benzimidazolone red

PR177 – Anthraquinone red

PR184 – Naphthol AS red

PR2 – Naphthol AS red

PR266 – Naphthol AS red

PR3 – Beta-naphthol red

PR48:1 – BONA lake red

PR48:2 – BONA lake red

PR48:3 – BONA lake red

PR48:4 – BONA lake red

PR53:1 – Beta-naphthol lake red

PR81:5 – Triarylcarbonium red

PV19 – Quinacridone violet

PV2 – Triarylcarbonium violet

PV23 – Dioxazine violet

PV3 – Triarylcarbonium violet

PV3:4 – Triarylcarbonium violet

PY110 – Isoindolinone yellow

PY111 – Monoazo yellow

PY13 – Diarylide yellow

PY138 – Quinaphtholone yellow

PY139 – Isoindoline yellow

PY14 – Diarylide yellow

PY151 – Benzimidazolone yellow

PY154 – Benzimidazolone yellow

PY155 – Bisacetoacetarylide yellow

PY17 – Diarylide yellow

PY170 – Diarylide yellow

PY181 – Benzimidazolone yellow

PY194 – Benzimidazolone yellow

PY3 – Monoazo yellow

PY65 – Monoazo yellow

PY73 – Monoazo yellow

PY74 – Monoazo yellow

PY83 – Diarylide yellow

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