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Have complete control over your tinting process

Innovatint is the industry’s first integrated software that ensures optimal performance and control over the entire color matching and tinting process. Built from the ground up, Innovatint makes ordering colors faster, expanding opportunities for sales, branding and improved customer service. Innovatint provides real-time color and sales data analysis, giving you the power to grow your business like never before.

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When it comes to ease, integration and efficiency, Innovatint has it all covered.

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Predict market trends, adjust strategy and optimize portfolio

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Enhanced training resources for staff

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Error-free tinting order creation

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Unlimited color formula potential

Innovatint 4 Cloud Client

With next generation connectivity and upgraded user interface technology, Innovatint will upgrade your current tinting software and take your business to the next level.

Innovatint 4 Cloud Client (CC) is the integrated software that ensures perfect performance and control over the entire color matching and tinting process. Now, it comes with the next generation of connectivity and user interface technology. Innovatint 4 CC seamlessly connects all your stores and updates everything automatically when new upgrades and tinting formulas are released.

Get ahead, stay ahead

Whether you have a single store or multiple, everything is shared on the cloud, so you can monitor and analyze trends and buying behavior, better anticipate stock levels and make more informed business decisions, from head office, or any location in your network. From products sold to colors used, your knowledge will be your new secret advantage over the competition.

Formulas at your fingertips

In one click, you have instant access to unlimited color formulas and formula updates, direct from the paint manufacturer. This not only improves the buying experience, but supports easy repeat orders, with a complete customer history to hand. Innovatint allows for multiple tinting machine connections. Depending on the tinting machine suppliers involved, it is possible to connect multiple tinting machines to one point of sale installation. The program automatically informs the user which machine is free and capable of tinting the selected formula. This reduces the need for multiple computers and creates much more flexibility in terms of combining colorant systems and tinting machine suppliers into one software package.

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Innovatint Stand Alone software offers simple and efficient ways to operate tinting machines

Innovatint 4 Stand Alone

Innovatint tint software is also available as a stand-alone version for offline use. Our new interface makes it even more intuitive and effortless to use. Built from the ground up, Innovatint makes ordering colors quicker and more efficient which improves customer service. Innovatint is highly flexible and gives the operator the possibility to make new orders, put them on hold, break up an order sequence and continue where they left off.

The order history feature provides instant order archives for unrivalled business insights. It will show the operator and shop manager what has been done throughout the day, week or month. Count on Innovatint to elevate your business from increasing productivity to cutting costs.

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Lab Software

Finding solutions to your most complex color challenges

There’s an art to color matching. It requires the right mix of skill and technology to solve the most complex color challenges. Our Innovatint lab software uses the latest techniques in characterization and color matching to produce highly accurate results. With advanced management tools, it also makes building and sharing databases quick and simple. Innovatint controls everything from products and colors to prices and access rights. In combination with the online module, all information can be easily gathered and shared.

Innovatint Lab solves several problems for paint formulators:

Ease of use

Innovatint Lab is designed to seamlessly guide users through the software. With clearly marked sections and an orderly navigation panel, navigating the software is hassle-free. New users should be able to work with the software in a few of days, especially when they receive our Innovatint Lab training.


Innovatint Lab is flexible in many ways. You have the ability to characterize colorants and bases as needed. And since the importing and exporting module supports many different formats, color matching software formulas can be transferred easily from other software.


By using the same database structure in the Lab and Point of Sale software, setting up databases is simple. And by using an optional ERP plug-in backwards integration with ERP or CRM packages can be established.


Information about shops can be viewed in the powerful statistics tool integrated in Innovatint Lab. When combining this with the network tools we offer information about shops can be grouped to get a full overview of the market developments.

Corporate Tools

Optimize your business with additional tools

What would you do with comprehensive market information at your fingertips that could transform your product development process? Innovatint Statistics helps you improve your tinting service through an integrated and comprehensive color management system. This software lets manufacturers analyze data and share it between stores to inform and optimize your product development process.

Resource Manager

Innovatint Resource Manager (RM) makes it possible to setup real-time replication between stores and the lab. It enables you to set up databases for each shop separately and for group shops to share information among each other. This gives your operations total database control, allowing you to set up the exact network structure you need to get the job done.

Innovatint RM is integrated as a complete solution together with the Lab Manager and Point of Sale software. While your data will still be stored on your main server, it can be shared instantly with all your stores via the cloud without the need for localized FTP servers. This reduces the time and cost of your IT infrastructure, reduces the complexity of the data transfers and point of failures and increases your profit margins in the process. This ensures that all labs within your company are working with the same database structure, products and formulas.

A map-based solution is integrated into this program to keep track of the shops and provide visibility into common problems, such as internet down time. This provides you clear insight into where the shops geographically are located and if they are online.

Innovatint Statistics

Innovatint Statistics features everything from customer details and buying behavior, to insights into store performance, the most popular colors and the number of products sold. This tool allows you to predict market trends and optimize your business.

With clear visibility into the way your product portfolio relates to market trends, you can quickly adjust your company strategy to suit changing demand and increase sales. Marketing and sales teams can also analyze the data to gain market insights that help them increase company market share.

Complete order histories can also be shared across the network, creating a personalized service to improve customer experience and drive sales. Formulators can update product specifications with the click of a mouse.

With a fully customizable database color management system, your company can share and view formulas, products, orders and customers in real time across all of your stores. This makes checking product data, advising customers and guaranteeing order accuracy easy and cost-effective.

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