Have complete control over your tinting process.

Innovatint 4 is the industry’s first integrated software that ensures optimal performance and control over the entire color matching and tinting process. Built from the ground up, Innovatint makes ordering colors faster, expanding opportunities for sales, branding and improved customer service. Innovatint provides real-time color and sales data analysis, giving you the power to grow your business like never before.

With next generation connectivity and upgraded user interface technology, Innovatint will upgrade your current tinting software and take your business to the next level. From increasing productivity and cutting costs, to enhancing your brand, connecting your stores and helping you tap into customer trends.

When it comes to ease, integration and efficiency, Innovatint has it all covered.

  • Predict market trends, adjust strategy and optimize portfolio
  • Enhanced training resources for staff
  • Error-free tinting order creation
  • Unlimited color formula potential

Innovatint is designed to improve the complete in-store process by offering:

Ease of use

  • Intuitive user-interface with an onscreen step-by-step guide frees up staff to pay more attention to customers
  • Multiple formula versions can be made available for each color, guaranteeing color consistency over time


  • Multilevel integration enables operators to refill colorants directly from the program and give basic machines commands
  • The ability to connect the software to an ERP system


  • Ability to receive instant formula, product and pricing updates
  • Email module informs customers of shipment updates and how to use products
  • Shop managers receive comprehensive statistics

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