Our manganese is a critical ingredient for power.

Lithium-ion battery use continues to increase in everything from consumer electronics to more environmentally friendly vehicles. From hybrid to full electric cars, battery cathodes require high purity and consistent active materials to produce safe and high-performing batteries. These active materials that are ultimately responsible for powering electric vehicles are increasingly manganese compounds or manganese-containing substances.

Manganese is also used to produce lithium-ion batteries for smaller devices such as power tools, electric bikes and consumer electronics. It is increasingly used in energy storage systems such as solar and wind power. Vibrantz has developed:

  • Innovative, high purity products, including physically and chemically consistent manganese salts and oxides
  • High-purity manganese sulfate, a key raw material for lithium-ion batteries

Build a longer-lasting, more efficient battery.

Chemistry, performance, cost and safety characteristics vary across lithium-ion battery types. Our range of manganese products for the lithium-ion market includes:

  • MnSO4 HP (Battery Grade Manganese Sulfate)
  • Mn3O4 LF (LMO Grade Manganous Manganic Oxide)
  • EMD GK-L (LMO Grade Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide)
  • MnCO3 HP (Manganese Carbonate)

Vibrantz has optimized its supply chain and production process to generate the least amount of CO2 using sustainable raw materials. We follow the strictest environmental standards and are ISO 14001 certified.

MnSO4 HP customers enjoy lower costs, reduced risk and improved processing

  • Lower insoluble content to reduce filtration time and improve productivity
  • Free of added fluorine to avoid corrosion of stainless steel pipes and equipment
  • Quick dissolution

Highest environmental standards for high-purity MnSO4

  • Free of health and environmental concerns from toxic trace impurities
  • Our product is derived directly from ore in a process that does not use any selenium-added compounds, such as electrolytic manganese metal
  • Most environmentally friendly and sustainable supplier of high-purity MnSO4
    • Lowest CO2 footprint per metric ton produced within the industry

Reliable, high-quality MnSO4 HP for superior battery performance

  • Consistent manganese content to avoid recipe adjustments
  • Low calcium and magnesium for optimal NMC production
  • Consistently low metal impurities for uniform NMC crystallography
  • Low metallic and magnetic impurities to reduce the risk of shorts in lithium-ion cells

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