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The demand for sustainable solutions and better occupational safety in road construction calls for dependable materials. Our colorants are used in infrared (IR) reflective technology to maximize total solar reflectance, keeping coatings longer lasting and pavement cooler, mitigating the accumulation of heat in heavily trafficked urban areas.

This dramatically lowers power consumption in city centers, contributing to less frequent power outages and less hazardous effects during a heat wave. Our proven solutions stem from a blend of proper pigment selection, optimized milling and controlled manufacturing processes.

We keep exteriors cool and coatings longer lasting.

The key ingredient in IR reflective paints is solar reflective colorants. A colorant’s IR reflective effectiveness is measured in terms of total solar reflection (TSR). The higher TSR pigment will help reflect significantly more heat from the surface, keeping the pavement cooler while providing a similar aesthetic appeal. Our colorants for IR reflective paint and coatings work to maximize TSR.

Historically, using a colorant with carbon black pigment creates a paint that absorbs a great deal of heat, leading to wear and tear and conductive heat problems. Replacing traditional carbon black with our higher TSR black pigments can significantly affect the amount of heat reflection in the infrared light range.

Our colorants for IR reflective paint and coatings protect substrates against excessive temperatures and ultraviolet (UV) radiation by reflecting the IR wavelengths and limiting UV radiation. This proven technology stems from a perfect blend of proper pigment selection, optimized milling and tight manufacturing cleanliness practices.

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