We bring color and coolness to your surfaces.

Colored products need to maintain their original appearance throughout the lifetime of the building, regardless of weather and climate. Our inorganic pigments, easy-to-disperse organic pigments and custom colors in powder or liquid dispersions are formulated to meet the specific color and sustainability needs for cements, concretes, pool plasters, façade stucco, grouts, mortars, flooring and more.

We produce pigments to make cement and concrete cooler through infrared (IR) reflective technology that maximizes total solar reflectance and mitigates the effects of heat in dense urban environments. Our proven technology stems from a blend of proper raw material selection, controlled manufacturing process and optimized milling.

Our dry pigments color dispersions are known for their:

  • Cement compatibility
  • Exceptional color stability and appearance
  • Excellent light fastness
  • Enhanced chemical resistance
  • IR reflective capabilities

We offer robust and highly compatible colorants for concrete.

Chroma-Chem® products for concrete and industrial floor coatings are highly compatible product lines based on diverse resin chemistries, providing excellent and adaptable colorant performance. We offer variations designed for reflective coatings, low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ultraviolet (UV) resistance and epoxies.

These colorants are also formulated at maximum pigment loading to limit the colorant’s effects on final coating properties. The formulation of each colorant within the series was developed to ensure the stability and handling properties are maintained.

Our colorants are based on the wide range of chemistries found in concrete coating and industrial floor coating applications, from 100% solid to solvent and waterborne dispersions. We also provide blending and color pack capabilities.

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