We provide capacitors for when storing energy is important.

With increasing tech advances, capacitors have become essential components in almost every electronic device. They can store electrical charges, but not for a long period. There is increasing demand for better capacitors for wearables, consumer electronics and for industrial applications. Vibrantz’s tantalum and multi-layer ceramic capacitors are suitable for high-frequency applications. They come in small sizes and are used in a range of electronic products, including televisions, mobile phones, digital cameras and tablets.

Additionally, we provide additives, powders and formulations for ceramic capacitors and passive components. Our ceramic powders are used in the production of advanced ceramic materials for dielectrics used in single layer capacitors (SLC) and multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), piezoelectrics, embedded capacitors, filters, thick film devices, composite polymer films and a multitude of other applications.

Our in-house formulation research and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce highly controlled particle sizes needed for the technical advancement and miniaturization of electronic devices, along with volumetric efficiency.

Vibrantz takes great pride in our reputation for providing customers with superior technical service and manufacturing support. Our highly skilled technical professionals combine decades of experience with extensive laboratory and technology resources which enables us to provide outstanding customer support and service. We help our customers meet the changing needs of the electronic component industry. This includes fulfilling component design needs that simply cannot be met using traditional ceramic dielectric formulations. We work closely with our customers to develop innovative dielectric and conductor material systems that are tailored to meet specific performance targets.

Our materials can be found in:

  • Audio equipment in vehicles
  • Digital memory for computers
  • Electronic devices
  • Motor starters

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