We help suppress high and low frequencies.

In the transmission system, noise is classified in two ways: one is differential mode noise and the other is common mode noise. A common mode signal is an unwanted signal as it “carries” no information. A ferrite cable core is designed to clean common mode noise generated from either a signal line or power cable. Vibrantz’s Ferrite cores are used to suppress electromagnetic emissions by blocking low-frequency noise and absorbing high-frequency noise. This avoids electromagnetic interference.

Benefits of Vibrantz’s ferrites

  1. Multiple sizes, materials and customization available
  2. Three different materials to select from: Low frequency (LF), High frequency (HF) and Broadband
  3. Lowest cost supplier of Ohms of impedance
  4. Excellent differential and common mode EMI suppression on flat cable assemblies
  5. Can be used as a transformer or inductor
  6. Available in cylinder, ribbon, split flat and clamp-on shape
  7. Provides tight tolerance control and EMI suppression
  8. Can help fix issues during the design stage

Our materials can be found in

  • Coatings in stealth aircraft
  • Computer cable
  • Electronic inductors, transformers, and electromagnets

We help our customers meet the changing needs of the electronic component industry.

Vibrantz takes great pride in our reputation for providing customers with superior technical service and manufacturing support. Our highly skilled technical professionals combine decades of experience with extensive laboratory and technology resources which enables us to provide outstanding customer support and service. This includes fulfilling component design needs that simply cannot be met using traditional ceramic dielectric formulations. We work closely with our customers to develop innovative dielectric and conductor material systems that are tailored to meet specific performance targets.

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