We help electronics resist temperature changes.

Thermistors are often selected for applications where ruggedness, reliability, and stability are important. They’re well suited for use in environments with extreme conditions, or where electronic noise is present. They’re available in a variety of shapes: the ideal shape depends on whether the thermistor will be positioned in a system, and on the type of material being measured. Thermistors are employed in a broad array of commercial and industrial applications to measure the temperature of surfaces, liquids, and ambient gasses. Vibrantz’s thermistors are used in applications such as airplane sensors and satellites when drastic changes in temperature require working systems.

Vibrantz is a leading global supplier of EIA Class I formulated dielectric powders designed for use in the manufacture of COG type ceramic components such as thermistors where temperature compensating and extended frequency performance is required.

Our team provides custom thermistor designs.

Vibrantz takes great pride in our reputation for providing customers with superior technical service and manufacturing support. Our highly skilled technical professionals combine decades of experience with extensive laboratory and technology resources which enables us to provide outstanding customer support and service. We help our customers meet the changing needs of the electronic component industry. This includes fulfilling component design needs that simply cannot be met using traditional ceramic dielectric formulations. We work closely with our customers to develop innovative dielectric and conductor material systems that are tailored to meet specific performance targets.

Our materials can be found in:

  • Electric vehicle motors
  • Heaters in vehicles
  • Lithium battery protection circuits
  • Thermostats

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