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Due to its versatile nature, flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used extensively across a broad range of industrial, technical and everyday applications. Flexible PVC must be durable, long-lasting and adaptable to any application. With a variety of functions comes an increase in color demand and short lead times from manufacturers. We offer color flexibility and speed to market to help differentiate and strengthen your position in the industry.

To produce high-quality flexible PVC, you’ll need colorants and dispersions that elevate the performance of your product. Suspended in plasticizer, our PVC colorants are specially developed for plasticizer containing systems. By aiding in the PVC softening process, our colorants make it easier to produce durable and long-lasting flexible PVC.

Count on our highly compatible colorants.

Unwanted color development is a frequent problem in flexible PVC. Colors can show up unexpectedly, either immediately after high temperature processing or months after a plastic part is produced. Our Plasticolors® brand provides highly compatible colorants for long-lasting, flexible PVC.

Quality and consistency for every batch.

Our colorants combine a high pigment concentration with low viscosity. This allows lower dosing to achieve the final color and makes our colorants very easy to handle and efficient to mix even at lower shear. Our selection of high-performance pigments with excellent migration-, weathering- and UV-stability helps you produce durable and long-lasting flexible PVC, while expanding your color options.

Our colorants are tightly controlled for color and strength to ensure quality and consistency for every batch. We offer  phthalate- and heavy metal-free dispersions to give your PVC an environmental boost.

We’re experts in color development. We partner with customers to understand and meet performance requirements and provide an extensive color range including fluorescents and metallics.

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