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The absorption of ultraviolet (UV) radiation due to sunlight exposure can result in cracking or degradation of the materials holding your windows and lights in place. Vibrantz provides enamels to leading automotive original equipment and replacement manufacturers for protecting the integrity of the glass. Additionally, we offer enamels designed to meet decorative and functional standards such as reflection and defrosting. We have been instrumental in the development of specialty black bands and conductive silver pastes for automotive glass, to meet changing market needs driven, for example, by modern car designs and complex glass shapes, fuel efficiency light-weighting and end-of-life vehicle regulations.

Our glass enamels for tempered and laminated applications are environmentally friendly and help reduce customer hazardous waste costs. These heavy metal free products are used for side 2 and side 4 substrates.

Vibrantz glass enamels for automotive applications are available in various media to meet customer specific process requirements, whether they be off or in-line processes, and provide:

  • Good opacity for obscuration
  • Optimal chemical resistance and glass expansion properties (COE)
  • Protection for adhesives against UV degradation

Vibrantz is a leading developer and global manufacturer of standard lead-free automotive glass enamels and silver pastes.

We provide materials to make your car whole.

Vibrantz glass products do not only contribute to your car windows. We also supply enamels which enable original equipment manufacturers to hide antenna and heat and sensor connections, so the vehicles look seamless. Spark plugs, lambda sensors and lights sealants…all of these require specialty frits and glazes to become more durable and perform at a level end-users have come to expect.

Our glass enamels can be found in:

  • Front and rear windows
  • Side-view mirrors
  • Sunroofs
  • Back-lights
  • Quarter-lights
  • Sensors

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