We provide colorings to make glass brighter and bolder.

Glass manufacturers turn to Vibrantz to provide special colorants to take their black, grey or white design options to the next level. Our technical teams work on formulations to provide customers with the right shade, opacity and gloss of these blacks, greys and whites, taking into account various characteristics to ensure design.

  • Which side of the glass will it be applied to?
  • How shiny is the surface?
  • How thick is the glass substrate?


Vibrantz materials for panels are used on office, other industrial buildings and internal glass dividers and are the preferred choice for architects. Our coatings and inks provide opacity, acid resistance and gloss finishes in standard or custom colors. They can be supplied in an array of customer preferred media including screen printing, roll coating, curtain coating and spraying.


Glass enamels for appliances are in many cases the highest measure of quality, particularly in demanding conditions involving chemical or abrasion resistance. Our solutions provide appliances with resistant decorative and functional surfaces and can be used on either side of the glass.

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