We provide functional and appealing materials for appliances.

You need your oven and stove to be able to withstand and maintain the high temperatures needed to cook your meals. You also need the appliances you have like refrigerators, dishwashers and small household appliances like tea kettles and coffee makers to look as good as they perform. Our enamels and coatings are resistant to thermal shock, able to withstand high temperatures over long periods of time, and resist bacteria growth better than other home appliance finishes.

Our coatings are scratch and acid/alkali resistant and can be developed to possess different attributes, such as pyrolytic properties, or to provide an easy-to-clean surface for the oven top or cavity. The coatings are as durable as stainless steel but cost less. They satisfy the functional requirements of the industry while also allowing manufacturers to develop aesthetically pleasing and fashionable appliances.

We also provide high temperature steam cooking enamels, specially developed for steam cleaning products. Our enamel color ranges are developed along with industry designers to enhance the all-important visual appeal of the appliance on both the overall exterior and in the inner oven cavities.


On laundry equipment, our porcelain enamels resist damage from laundry detergents and bleach. Thanks to the coating’s durability, it has excellent resistance to stains and abrasion.

Our materials can be found in:

  • Cookers
  • Ovens
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Small household appliances
  • Washers and dryers

Vibrantz is a worldwide supplier to major appliance manufacturers. Supply consistency, quality, and long-term relationships are at the core of our customer partnership philosophy. Vibrantz’s materials are formulated to satisfy the wide variety of requirements demanded by the appliance industry and are customized for the highly automated manufacturing operations of appliance manufacturers.

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