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Finding unique and distinct decorative items can be challenging. You want the item to not only look beautiful, but also easy to maintain if cleaning is needed. Our materials help make your decorative items colorful and protect them dirt. We provide glass, enamels, frits and glazes for ceramic, glass, metal, porcelain and wood decorative items. Additionally, we offer specially formulated coatings for decoration of interior lampshades and glass lights that operate at high temperatures.

Our coatings advantages:

  • enable the production of decorative glass objects with the highest aesthetic demands.
  • bring extravagance to complex designs and special surfaces.
  • are a top choice as an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative.
  • provide a nearly limitless color range which can be highly transparent and brilliant or matt and opaque.

We offer custom color mixing services, which gives our customers total flexibility in tailoring color matches on-site, as well as desired gloss and finish. We also provide testing to ensure the firing stability of mixed shades, mixing guidelines and recommendations for Pantone® color matching.

Vibrantz provides complete custom color matching services to help our customers develop new colors and finishes to meet specific industry standards and/or unique customer needs. In addition to matching colors, we can provide formulas to customers using the base/tint system.

Precise color matching can be achieved using our internal extensive database and color matching expertise. All colors are matched to defined reference samples to ensure exact match and consistent color reproduction from batch to batch.

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