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When you need hot water, it is imperative that your water heater works properly. Our enamels enable water heaters to be effective and durable. Water heaters and boilers are traditionally glass-lined with porcelain enamel fired directly onto the interior of a steel tank. The glass coatings used in the enameling process are formulated to resist the corrosive effects of pressurized hot water. Vibrantz porcelain enamels are specially developed coatings to protect the inside of the gas water heater flu pipes against the highly acidic conditions created by the combustive atmosphere of heating water. Secondarily, we make pigments to color paints used to color hot water tanks.

With our global innovation centers, technicians are called upon to develop tailor-made porcelain coatings which will stand up to the very different regional requirements of global water heater manufacturers. We offer a core range of porcelain enamel coatings, developed for both commercial and residential hot water tanks, available in various forms including both electrostatic powder and wet applications.

Vibrantz is a leading developer and global manufacturer of enamels used in hot water tanks. We engineer powders with properties that include acid resistance, alkali resistance, pyrolytic performance, color and gloss level.

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