We help make the kitchen the center of your home.

Guests naturally gather in the kitchen and you want it to be a place that looks both beautiful and functional. Our materials make the things in your kitchen like cabinets, flooring and other surfaces better spaces to live and entertain. We provide materials that:

  • Formulate polishes or sealers that dry fast and deliver superior gloss retention, as well as soil, mark and ethanol resistance
  • Deliver distinct product functionalities that can enable new and differentiated label claims
  • Move a product from the lab to commercial scale quickly and efficiently

Additionally, our enamels include latest technological improvements to its electrostatic powders. The advantages of electrostatic powders include automated application, reduction of hazardous waste, lower energy consumption for milling and drying and labor costs in mill room and set up, excellent finish quality, and maximized utilization of material. Our exclusive “Nano-clean” coating is an easy-to-clean topcoat that makes it easier to clean your kitchen.

Our materials are utilized in ceramic tile to create unique designs and bright colors. Specifically, our laser marking allows Vibrantz to provide:

Better consistency and accuracy

Precision marks can be achieved utilizing our laser marking technology. Laser-controlled software enables positional accuracy with excellent repeatability for mark delivery.



High contrast, durable marks can be achieved more quickly using our laser marking technology.

Cost savings

It enables rapid marking speeds that result in reduced energy costs with decreased rework and scrap.

Extremely high contrast and resolution

Laser-bonded marks create permanent, high-resolution marks.

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