Our products are formulated for forging success.

Our glass-based ForgeOx® products provide lubrication, oxidation protection and insulation during the forging process of alloys like titanium, nickel alloys, stainless steel or zirconium. ForgeOx products are widely used for processing critical, precision forged parts for the aerospace, medical and petrochemical fields and ensure:

  • Improved surface quality
  • Enhanced homogeneity of the metal structure
  • Increased efficiency of the process
  • Extended longevity of the equipment used

We meet customer specifications.

Our products are developed and tested on our own press and optimized to enhance the processing of alloys. We work directly with customers to find products that meet the individual requirements of each forge shop.

We are the specialty glass frit formulation experts and offer products with controlled particle size, available in both powder and liquid form. Our expertise in frit production and process engineering of specialty glass coatings and powders allow us to deliver the highest quality products.

Our products protect every part.

Designed for closed and open die forging, extrusion and de-scaling operations, our ForgeOx® glass lubricant products enable the preform/billet to be coated at an ambient temperature. Mainly used in critical, high-precision markets like aerospace, commercial and medical, ForgeOx provides:

  • Improved quality
    • Surface improvement: By matching the flow of the glass to that of the metal, the glass encapsulates the part during numerous passes
    • Minimized oxide layer growth
    • Inhibited hydrogen pickup
  • Cost savings
    • Less energy needed to form a part, translating to longer die life
    • Reduced need for reheating due to longer heat retention
    • Eliminated expensive preheating in an inert or reducing atmosphere by providing a barrier between the work piece and the atmosphere
    • Easy removal of scale for alloys where oxide growth occurs rapidly prior to glass fusing

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