Our engineered products eliminate casting defects.

Our products help customers tackle the most challenging jobs and produce high-quality castings with improved tensile strength and surface finish. Our engineered products for chemically bonded sand cores and no-bake mold production help eliminate casting defects.

We partner with customers to reduce or eliminate veining, porosity, gas and other complex casting defects caused by the thermal expansion of chemically bonded silica sand.

Vibrantz has various international manufacturing locations and offers value-added foundry consumables for steel and iron foundries.

Our products improve casting finish and process time.

Products include casting defect solutions, exothermic toppings, slag coagulants, specialty coatings, anti-veining solutions, porosity elimination, highest chill solutions and lowest thermal expansion solutions.

Vibrantz supplies water-based refractory coating blends designed to yield maximum protection at the sand or metal interface. Our products improve casting finish and process time, provide zero loss on ignition (LOI) with inorganic formulations, save on machine labor and tooling costs and are easily incorporated into customers’ sand-core blending process.

Our products designed for use in foundry applications include:

  • BlackCast®
  • CeramCast®
  • ChromeCast®
  • E-Shield®
  • E-Cast®
  • Mastertop®
  • RedCast®
  • Veinseal®
  • ZIR-Cast®

We offer optimized solutions for the melt department.

Vibrantz supplies iron pyrites and slag coagulants to the melt department. Our iron pyrites are used in the foundry industry to increase sulfur content in all grades of metal and efficiently eliminate the need for foundries to source various grades of scrap metal.

Our slag coagulants are designed for grey iron, ductile iron and steel applications. They prevent slag carryover to the castings and reduce slag removal time with outstanding coagulation properties and controlled particle size. Vibrantz’s slag coagulants enable consistent performance and easy-to-apply and remove convenience to save time in your process. These products include:

  • PyriteMax®
  • Slag-Getter®

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