Our products perform in extreme temperatures.

Serving as a thermal barrier at the metal-mold interface, refractory materials must be able to withstand physical stresses and prevent erosion in the extreme heat being used during processing. Our mineral products designed for use in the refractory industry include:

  • ChromeCast® chromite sand
  • Olivine
  • Dead burned magnesite (MgO)
  • ZIR-Cast® zircon sand

Olivine benefits

Olivine’s physical characteristics make it ideal for use in many high-temperature applications. Our olivine fine products are available in varying mesh sizes and excel in slag conditioning, tundish lining and refractory applications.

We supply a diverse range of high-grade MgO products for use in the production of tundish and gunning masses, protecting tundish from molten steel. Magnesite is also used as a slag conditioner to neutralize the pH of steel slag, shielding furnace linings.

Our inner electrodes optimize multilayer ceramic devices.

Coated electrodes are used to produce electric steel and manufacture non-metallic products during electric arc processing. The performance coatings’ main functions are to protect the electrode’s surface from oxidations, high conductivity and low resistivity. Vibrantz offers a broad selection of conductor pastes suitable for many applications in multilayer and ceramic chip components, as well as specialty frits for welding electrodes.

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