We enhance and protect your delicate plastic components.

Today’s plastic part designs are more customized and delicate, requiring special coating solutions that respond to demanding needs.

We offer ultraviolet (UV)-curing and water- and solvent-based laser-etchable paints and coatings designed specifically to fulfill the technical requirements of delivering fine details to plastic surfaces and improve functional and optical properties of plastic components. Our plastic coating systems excel in various decorative applications.

Achieve more vibrant colors with our solvent- and water-based plastic coating solutions.

Our portfolio of solvent- and water-based paints and coatings are precisely developed for decorative and protective purposes and deliver plastic decoration down to the smallest detail. All final products follow the specifications of the automotive industry for interior applications and are included in the VW group’s recommendation list.

Our coatings can be applied directly on various plastic substrates by methods like robot and flatbed machines, providing superior laser etching properties if needed. Typical automotive interior applications include surface coatings for handles, shades, fascia, dashboards, levers, knobs, buttons and other control components of the cockpit.

Our coatings for plastics provide:

  • Adhesion to various plastic substrates like ABS, PC, T65 and more
  • Abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Protection against harsh climates and temperatures
  • Superior laser-etchability, leaving sharp edges upon removal of covering layer
  • Improved color fastness of true shades
  • Full adjustability of opaqueness levels

Attain high gloss with our conventional or UV-curing products.

Our UV- and conventional-curing high-gloss coatings are developed to fulfill the technical requirements of modern automobile design.

These paints and clear coats for plastics can be applied directly to varying surfaces and substrates like ABS, PC, T65 and are utilized in automotive interior applications like buttons, radio frames, middle consoles and other control components of the cockpit. Our high-gloss coating systems are available with UV mono- or duel-cure properties, or as conventional thermic curing options.

Our UV-curing clear coat instantly reacts to UV light, allowing for quicker drying than alternative methods, resulting in increased productivity, line capacity and energy savings. They also exhibit increased adhesion, abrasion protection, brilliance and general resistance levels for high-quality plastic surfaces that last during the product’s lifetime. Our high-gloss solutions as conventional curing system can be cured at 80°C and do not require a specific UV curing process.


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