We enable more environmentally friendly plastic solutions.

Shifting toward a circular economy is a main priority for plastic manufacturers today. In efforts to enhance the degradation of their products, many producers are incorporating thermoplastics into their manufacturing process.

Thermoplastics are readily recyclable, light-weight materials that offer a wide range of mechanical properties and aesthetically superior surface finishes.

We help masterbatch and compound suppliers provide enticing color differentiation for products commonly used in applications like:

  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Composites

Your reliable colorants supplier.

Our global manufacturing footprint allows us to produce a reliable supply of a several pigments designed for single-use and more durable plastic applications. We provide ongoing technical and regulatory support to customers.

Safe and certified for use in food packaging.

Our pigments meet strict regulatory requirements while delivering colorant performance.

We offer an entire range of food contact pigments, including ultramarines and complex inorganic color pigments (CICPs), that ensure all raw materials comply with product specifications and there is no cross-contamination during production.

Backed by technical and regulatory support, this complete portfolio meets demanding regulatory-compliant applications while delivering excellent performance.

We’re driving the recyclability of black plastics.

Modern plastic recycling operations utilize near infrared (NIR) technology in their processing equipment to sort materials efficiently. Minimal plastic materials colored with traditional carbon black pigment get recycled since most are undetectable in sorting machines.

Black polymers colored with carbon black commonly absorb light emitted from the NIR spectrum, making them unidentifiable and ultimately contributing to the stream of unsorted materials that end up in landfills. We provide a portfolio of sustainable alternative NIR-detectable black pigments for black plastic recycling that are FDA and EU 10/2011 compliant.

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