HOUSTON, July 19, 2023 – Vibrantz Technologies announced today the construction of a new pilot plant to process high-purity manganese sulfate (HPMSM) onsite at its facility in Tampico, Mexico, to meet the growing demand for battery-grade manganese sulfate as automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) prioritize the production of zero-emission vehicles. Over the next three years, this expansion is anticipated to increase Vibrantz’s HPMSM capacity to up to 45,000 metric tons per year which could help power two million electric vehicles and positions the company to provide a second reliable manganese sulfate alternative for the lithium-ion battery market serving electric vehicles.

The only experienced Western producer of HPMSM, Vibrantz already manufactures various manganese chemicals at scale and produces HPMSM at its manganese chemical facility in Saint-Ghislain, Belgium. The company will leverage its existing agricultural grade manganese sulfate plant in Tampico to serve the North American market with a new product and process.

“At Vibrantz, we are committed to our long-term vision of being a sustainable and world-class specialty chemicals and materials solutions provider,” said D. Michael Wilson, Vibrantz CEO. “One of the ways we are stepping closer to this vision is by leveraging over a decade of expertise in high-purity manganese sulfate production and 50 plus years in the manganese chemical market delivering technologies that benefit the OEMs that are producing and the consumers purchasing lower carbon footprint vehicles.”

“Vibrantz manufactures various manganese chemicals at scale and values being a dependable supplier,” said David Newton, president of the Advanced Materials segment at Vibrantz. “This technology optimization pilot is designed to ensure future plant reliability as we continue to engage the electric vehicle value chain in commercial discussions for high-volume offtake agreements. I’ve been pleased with the market reception our project has received from OEMs and battery producers. We look forward to building strong partnerships with the industry.”

The new facility is expected to be operational in 2026. To learn more about how Vibrantz is helping build a longer-lasting, more efficient battery, visit vibrantz.com/markets/batteries.

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