CerDeChromAdvanz is the next generation four-color process designed to deliver highly accurate design reproduction with brilliant color definition through an automated color separation process. CerDeChromAdvanz lead-free onglaze colors were developed for the decoration of porcelain, bone china, vitreous china and earthenware.

We have developed and optimized our ceramic colors to ensure that the four-color printing process works effectively with onglaze decoration of ceramic substrates. This system addresses the peculiarities of decorating with ceramic colors and provides automated printed results that are much truer to the originals compared to a labor-intensive manual printing process.

The CerDeChromAdvanz four-color low metal release onglaze system works in a normal firing range of 780 – 900 °C and a fast firing range of 850 – 900 °C.

The CerDeChromAdvanz four-color printing low metal release onglaze colors have been tested according to EN 1388.1 and 1388.2 and have demonstrated a heavy metal release far below the official restrictions.