Vibrantz offers the highest purity dental pigments with a full palette of stains for dental ceramics that meet the most stringent requirements for heavy metal content and radioactivity. The chromaticity offered by our dental pigments provides extremely high flexibility in dental ceramic coloring. To achieve a natural appearance in dental ceramics, our dental pigments cover a complete spectrum from opaque to transparent in different color intensities and shades that include yellow via brown, pink, and blue.

Color strength can be customized by adjusting the quantity of pigment used enabling a full color space. All of our dental ceramic pigment products have been developed specifically to fulfill the highest purity, color, aesthetics and biocompatibility standards required for use in dental ceramic applications.

Our dental pigment manufacturing processes ensure the highest quality by using raw materials of extremely high purity. Our zircon-based dental pigments show greatly reduced radioactivity with an order of magnitude lower than natural zircon raw materials. In addition, only high purity silica is added as an adjustment material to avoid any contamination.