The hydrocont line of organic water-based coatings offers heavy metal-free glass decoration that exhibits good mechanical properties with the highest abrasion and scratch resistance combined with excellent resistance against water and alcohol.

Its good mechanical properties with an additional resistance to a large number of fillings provides a high assurance of safe handling during filling and transportation. Easy to use, hydrocont can be applied by conventional methods or by electrostatic finishing.  The one-pack version is cured at a temperature range of 170°C to 190°C while offering a high process reliability.

Developed to work within a wide application window so that even complex shapes such as cognac bottles can be coated without trouble, hydrocont coatings enable a highly aesthetic packaging finish that positively influences the consumer purchasing decision.

Coatings made with hydrocont are hardly distinguishable from pigmented glass due to the many special effects that are available. From highly transparent and brilliant to mat and opaque, hydrocont provides a nearly limitless color range that is naturally free of heavy metals.