Hydrodecor is an economical line of organic water-based coatings that offers heavy metal-free glass decoration featuring good solvent resistance, good resistance against alkalis and acids, and a very high durability that is required for decorative glass items, including up to 150 cycles in a household dishwasher.

Its good mechanical properties and broad application window results in the easy application of coatings within a wide range of machinery parameters. It can be applied by spray or automatic finishing and is cured at a temperature range of 170°C to 190°C while offering a high process reliability.

Available in an unlimited variety of colors and effects, Hydrodecor enables the production of decorative glass objects with the highest aesthetic demands. Coatings made with Hydrodecor are hardly distinguishable from pigmented glass due to the many special effects that are available. From highly transparent and brilliant to mat and opaque, Hydrodecor provides a nearly limitless color range that is naturally free of heavy metals.