Hydroglasur is a heavy metal-free modern glass coating one-component system for the coloring decoration of interior and exterior glass surfaces. Due to its outstanding resistance properties, it is especially suited for the coating of household glassware such as drinking glasses, plates or bowls that are cleaned in the dishwasher regularly. Objects coated with hydroglasur are hard to distinguish from pigmented or etched glass.

Offering an unlimited variety of colors and effects, hydroglasur is available in highly transparent to completely hiding and brilliant to matt effects. Its application is easy and economical with a wide range of machinery parameters.

Hydroglasur is certified for direct food contact and corresponds to the requirements of paragraph 30 and 31 out of German food and feed code (LFGB) as well for article 3 out of (EG) provision no. 1935/2004. Coating  glasses, cups, bowls with hydroglasure can be recommended without restrictions.

For plates, we recommend covering the rim or complete backside area.