Vibrantz’s kristal HTP (hot melt) organic inks are transparent screen process inks available in solid thermoplastic form for multi-print container glass decoration. Available in a wide range of seven transparent colors, the kristal line of hot melt transparent inks deliver durable and vibrant designs with superior glass adhesion.

Our transparent hot melt organic inks are a ready-to-use single component formulation requiring no dilution. They are designed for multi-print glass decoration and do not require a white underlayer, which can reduce the total amount of white color necessary for decoration and yield cost savings.  As these inks cure at a lower temperature than ceramic inks, less energy is used for heating. They can also be used on the existing printing machines and equipment already used with traditional inorganic glass enamels.

Kristal hot melt organic inks dry immediately after printing, allowing the next print to be instantly applied when using a high-speed multi-color decoration machine.