LMC-6044P aerosol is a premium black laser marking, specially formulated for black laser marking on glass, ceramic and porcelain substrates. LMC-6044P is a premium black laser marking aerosol product that provides an easy, environmentally preferred clean-up. It can be used on a variety of materials such as ceramic, tile, dinnerware, mugs, sanitaryware, porcelain, glassware and other types of glass including automotive glass, spandrel glass, and container glass. CerMark® LMC-6044P black laser marking aerosol creates extremely high-quality and highly durable marks while maintaining substrate integrity and protecting the surfaces of highly challenging glass and ceramic substrates from laser damage.

Marks made with LMC-6044P are significantly more resistant to abrasion, scratches, UV exposure, chemicals and weathering than marks created by other methods.

LMC-6044P black laser marking aerosol utilizes a patented laser bonding technology that offers a unique non-damaging solution to mark glass, ceramics, and porcelain with permanent, high-resolution marks.