LustReflex is an exciting product group of super-reflective, highly scratch-resistant decorative glass coatings which are easy to apply by screen printing and over large print areas. It enables an enormous variety of decorative, mirror-like coatings that can be created using conventional screen-print and tempering operations. They can be overprinted or combined with an additional print on the reverse side of the glass to increase the range of decorative effect possibilities including the application of mirror patterns in combination with other colors and designs. LustReflex is ideal for appliance glass designs as well as architecture and furniture glass design applications.

LustReflex screen-printable, semi-mirror coatings are chemically durable, partially transparent mirror coatings which are screen-printable and roller-coatable. These glass coatings are a cost-effective alternative to similar coatings applied by PVD (‘sputter’) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD).