Vibrantz produces a full palette of specialty frits and pigments formulated for use in high-temperature and long firing cycles that meet the demanding requirements of sanitaryware manufacturers. Our industrial ceramic pigments are designed to color all types of special glazes and bodies used for sanitaryware. Our InstantColor® ceramic pigment stains offer 25 shades that result in an infinite number of colors that exhibit high purity, intensity and brilliance within the complete color spectrum. Significant cost savings can be achieved as colors are easily adjusted right in the barrel.

InstantColor® stains are developed to meet the specific technical and firing requirements of the sanitaryware industry. These include being fired for several hours at a temperature higher than 1200 °C and having the color to remain true and constant. They are also capable of being fired a second time at high temperatures without any deterioration of color and surface properties. This enables sanitaryware manufacturers to perform an additional repair firing or a decorating firing process, as needed.