Vibrantz specialty glazes are designed to fill the inherent rough surface on technical ceramics that results from the particle size of the starting material and the crystalline phase that happens from calcining. Our glazes can improve the surface quality properties of the entire technical ceramic component by creating a smoother surface and making it easy to remove unwanted residue.

Ceramic glazes are almost exclusively based on aluminosilicate glass systems manufactured from the main glass-forming oxide [silica (SiO2)] that is modified by the addition of a range of other oxides in order to engineer specific thermal, chemical and physical properties.

We offer a complete glaze product range that includes colored glazes, inorganic pigments for coloring glazes, decorating colors such as underglaze colors and screen-printing colors. We also provide organic auxiliary agents such as fluidizers, glues, anti-settling agents, preservatives and screen-printing vehicles.