Vibrantz’s specialty metallic enamels are available in System76 and System140 flat glass colors. They are ideal for many interior and exterior flat glass design and aesthetic applications. Our metallic colors exhibit versality in multiple systems enabling them to be used in large variety of flat glass applications such as appliance glass, architectural glass including spandrel panels, as well as shower screens, internal glass doors and partitions, glass tabletops, kitchen cabinets, cupboard doors and display cabinets.

Our specialty metallic effect flat glass enamels provide our customers unlimited color possibilities with the flexibility needed to satisfy specific glass color processing and market requirements.  In addition to the wide color possibilities availalbe, many metallic aesthetic appearances can be applied to adjust the appearance of glass.

These colors are heavy metal-free; they do not contain intentional additions of lead (Pb), mercury (hg) and hexavalent chromium, (Cr+6).

Typical metallic glass enamels with a rough surface can be more vulnerable to dirt and difficult to clean. An added benefit of our metallic colors includes the ability to be cleaned with solvents.