Vibrantz’s ultrapure glass fillers for composites have been developed to fulfill the highest requirements in fineness and homogeneity for use in specially formulated restorative dental materials and compomers. Our inert dental glass powders are of the highest purity and can be ground into ultra-fine particle sizes for optimum resin loading, reducing shrinkage.

Designed to deliver improved surface hardness, a highly aesthetic appearance, and good wear resistance, Vibrantz dental glass powders offer high mechanical and mechanical strength that allow fillings to be polished like a tooth. Additional properties of our glasses include adequate roentgen opacity for detection of the filling from other dental tissue in standard X-ray photographs.

Available in refraction indices of the most common dental resins, (typically from 1.50 – 6), we also offer formulations with custom refractive indices and intermediate milling grades. Dental glasses are available with or without fluoride.