High-quality fillings are essential for a healthy smile. They restore teeth affected by decay or damage and help prevent future oral health issues. As the dental industry continues to prioritize patient-centered care, the use of traditional silver amalgam fillings has decreased. In its place, the adoption of more aesthetically pleasing and safer alternative materials – like specialty glass – are growing.

Fusing innovation and patient-centered care

Although amalgam was known to be effective and affordable, one of its main disadvantages – among others – was an unaesthetic dark color that made the material less popular. Silica cement did not have this dark color but disintegrated much faster. Unfilled resins that were introduced in the 1950s had a natural appearance but lacked the ability to withstand the high biting forces of molar teeth, allowing them only to be used for front teeth. Additionally, resins tended to crack easily.

The introduction of composites in the 1970s resulted in improved surface hardness, highly aesthetic appearance and good wear resistance. Over the years, composites have improved further and now:

  • Closely match the appearance of natural teeth
  • Have improved surface hardness
  • Provide good wear resistance
  • Enable better detection of fillings in X-rays

Our specialty glass materials improve oral health

For over two decades, Vibrantz has supplied fine and ultrafine inert glass powders and bioactive glass to satisfy the demanding aesthetic and performance needs of the dental industry. Our high-strength, ultrafine inert glass powders help composites last longer and are easily dispersible, improving polishing capabilities.

Alternatively, our phosphate-based bioactive glass materials are designed to interact chemically with the teeth’s surface. Bioactive glass is used in specific toothpastes to provide characteristics like remineralization, desensitization, antibacterial effects and biofilm removal.

As we continue to collaborate with customers, we can solve our customers’ toughest challenges:

  • We produce ultrapure inert glass powder at scale
  • We offer a surface treatment process that yields composite material that is stronger and shrinks less when cured
  • We supply high-purity color stains designed for use in dental ceramics
  • We are co-innovating customized glass to meet demanding specifications

Our dental solutions are driven to deliver

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Lutz Poth

Global Director, Innovation and Technology for Performance Coatings

Lutz Poth

Global Director, Innovation and Technology for Performance Coatings

Poth guides product innovation for our Performance Coatings business at Vibrantz. Prior to Vibrantz, he spent 21 years at Ferro where he served in as a scientist, manager and director in the research and development group. Poth holds a doctorate in chemical engineering and a Master of Science in chemical engineering from Technische Universität Darmstadt.