In a world offering constant entertainment and stimulation, we are oversaturated with noise, technology and distractions. Life can feel as if it flies by so quickly that we can often forget to appreciate unsung luxuries like a refreshing shower, a great swim in the pool, or a cool drink of fresh water.

In fact, clean water is one of the lifelines that sustains us, whether keeping us hydrated after a run or irrigating crops that eventually make their way to our dinner tables. Simply put, water is a vital resource necessary for our well-being. At Vibrantz, our advanced mineral technologies uniquely position us to impact how we have access to and can enjoy clean water.

Challenges informed by source material

Typically, drinking water starts its journey from lakes, rivers and groundwater. From these sources, it flows to intake points, treatment plants and storage tanks. It undergoes several critical processes during treatment, including coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection.

The presence of manganese and iron in groundwater and the need to remove them are significant challenges the water industry encounters. An even larger concern is the presence of arsenic in water. With a health impact greater than iron and manganese, arsenic can cause chronic illness even in low concentrations.

Our high-performance manganese dioxide (MnO2) filter media, sold under the Pyrolox® brand name, plays an integral role in removing these harmful metals and pollutants.

MnOfiltration media is effective for water purification in the following ways:

  • Oxidation of manganese and iron Iron and manganese removal ensures that water is clear and free from staining, discoloration and plugging up of lines.
  • Adsorption of impurities – Manganese can adsorb or trap impurities and contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, chemicals and parasites.
  • Catalytic action – Manganese is used as a catalyst for chemical reactions like oxidation and precipitation. These reactions remove contaminants like iron, manganese, arsenic and hydrogen sulfide pollutants from contaminated water.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of MnO2 filter media products for private, industrial and municipal applications. Our advanced materials team works with water treatment plants and irrigation managers responsible for promoting healthy crop growth and yield maximization.

Agricultural technology (AgTech) is fusing agriculture and technology

As the global population increases, a growing demand for food has emerged. New technology solutions, such as automation processes, are being implemented to help growers become more efficient. Investments in AgTech are drawing attention to new methods to achieve unparalleled water purity. The focus on enhanced water-related technologies is pivotal to promoting crop vitality and agricultural sustainability. From pistachio farms to experienced wine producers, industry professionals are leaning into science to better their farming practices.

Vibrantz paves the way in water filtration innovation

Our Pyrolox Advantage is lightweight MnO2 coated filter media engineered to be naturally catalytic (mimicking pure manganese ore). Combining its high MnO2 surface with a low-density core creates an efficient solution to removing contaminants. Its lightweight nature reduces the filter footprint and allows higher service flow rates, making it an ideal choice for any growing operation.

The Pyrolox advantage:

  • NSF quality assurance – Pyrolox Advantage is directly certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and meets ISO 9001 quality management standards.
  • Cost savings – With its low density, shipment weight and no pre-treatment start-up costs or fines (small particles or impurities) removal required, Pyrolox Advantage is a cost-efficient choice compared to alternative products.
  • Simplified maintenance – Some applications do not require catalyzation because Pyrolox Advantage’s unique design achieves this independently. This eliminates the need for additional chemicals like potassium permanganate.
  • Effective and easy start-up – Pyrolox Advantage doesn’t require pre-treatment when removing high levels of manganese, iron, arsenic and hydrogen sulfide from water. It also has the cleanest start-up, leaving behind virtually no fines.
  • Greater durability – Pyrolox Advantage boasts a prolonged lifespan due to its high capacity and reduced backwashing needs.

Vibrantz is a leading global supplier of MnO2 filter media and innovator in specialty chemicals and materials solutions. We bring over 60 years of manganese experience, multiple international manufacturing sites and the industry’s largest product range.

Contact our advanced materials team for more information and a customized solutions for your water purification needs.

David Ziegler

Key Account Manager, Minerals and Battery

David Ziegler

Key Account Manager, Minerals and Battery

Prior to Vibrantz, Ziegler joined Prince in 2015 as a regional sales manager for construction materials in North America and has held various strategic roles. Ziegler began his sales career in the brick manufacturing industry, working for Boral Bricks for over 20 years. Prior to that, Ziegler served in the Navy and Naval Reserves for over 10 years. He graduated from the University of Texas at Tyler with bachelor’s degrees in industrial technology and psychology.