Agriculture has profoundly shaped our world. The rapid industrialization of the early 20th century brought step-change improvement to traditional farming methods. As agriculture became specialized and mechanized, its efficiency reduced and sometimes eliminated the need for farm laborers. Rural people migrated to urban areas to fill new factory jobs and the remaining farmers were responsible for supplying food to entire city populations.  Despite the critical role the agriculture and farming industries still play in our lives, the geographic distance separating this type of work from metropolitan areas can often mean it is overlooked or underappreciated.

Food literacy, or the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about food, remains a global issue affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. Research of consumers across 18 European countries found that only 53% of consumers have confidence in the safety of their food. Studies also indicate that roughly two-thirds of Generation Zs, born in the 1990s and early 2000s, and millennials are willing to pay more to purchase environmentally sustainable products. Food literacy has widespread consequences that shape trends and buying habits and impact global health and hunger.

Vibrantz’s agricultural manganese products strengthen the health and livelihood of animals and crops. Our raw materials nourish plants and animals and protect crops against fungal diseases that threaten harvests. With our broad global reach and production in three different countries, we are the leader in agricultural-grade manganese, instilling confidence in our customers through the security of our supply and safety measures that ensure the highest quality standards.

Farmers face countless hurdles that threaten their livelihoods and have widespread implications. Pests, soil degradation, irrigation issues and weeds, account for billions of dollars in loss each year. Vibrantz’s agricultural-grade products address many of these challenges with solutions that make farms more resilient while considering the entire product lifecycle. Our foremost concern is helping promote safety for human and environmental health.  

We comply with The Feed Chain Alliance standards, which are globally accepted and align with various regional and governmental standards that Vibrantz also adheres to, including:

  • FAMI-QS – The Feed Additive and Pre-mixtures Quality System
  • CGMPs  –  Current Good Manufacturing Practices and risk-based prevention controls for food facilities
  • FSMA – The Food and Drug Administration’s Food Safety Modernization Act
  • The Foreign Supplier Verification Program
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications

As the leading manganese provider in the agricultural industry, we ensure that our products meet and exceed rigorous safety standards. By consistently delivering high-quality manganese, we help farmers improve crop yields, fight disease and increase bioavailability of essential nutrients.

Trace minerals – including high-quality manganese – are used as vital micronutrients in animal feed.  Manganese is one of the nine micronutrients that prevent nutrient deficiencies and help animals grow, reproduce and stay healthy. Manganese oxide and manganese sulfate are the most popular forms for animal nutrition because they help animals get more nutrients from their feed and improves soil quality by reducing the release of undigested waste into the soil.

Vibrantz is proud to be a trusted supplier of additives and micronutrients for food, crops and animal feed, along with products tailored for the fertilizer and animal feed markets. Our portfolio of best-in-class manganese minerals are backed by over 60 years of manganese production expertise and unparalleled industry knowledge.

Manganese also plays a key role in photosynthesis and confronts nutrient deficiencies that often occur in sandy, alkaline, heavily weathered, tropical and organic soils. Our manganese sulfate, Tecmangam Generation 2, is Organic Materials Review Institute-registered to support organic growers. Vibrantz is the only North American producer of this category of product. We also supply industry-leading manganese and copper-based mineral products that safeguard plants from diseases caused by fungi.

Our Tecmangam product line is known for its consistent quality and specifications which include:

  • Leading manganese content compared to other products (minimum 32%)
  • Fast and complete dissolution in water
  • Low calcium and magnesium concentration
  • Uniform particle size (available in powder, mini granule and maxi granule)

By prioritizing the health of both crops and animals, Vibrantz contributes to more robust agricultural practices worldwide. Our commitment to safety, innovation and sustainability drives us to pioneer products that enhance crops and livestock while minimizing environmental impacts.

To learn more about how we add color, performance and vibrancy to the agricultural industry, explore our overview brochure and contact our team of experts to find a tailored solution for your application.

Jim Crane

Jim Crane

Crane serves as the performance minerals sales director for Vibrantz’s agricultural minerals in the Western Hemisphere. With over 40 years of experience in the agricultural industry, he brings extensive market knowledge and expertise. His role liaises with research and development, logistics and production teams to ensure that customers receive the highest quality of service and products. Crane holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Wichita State University and has served on the Kansas Grain and Feed Association board of directors and the American Feed Industry Association international trade committee.