Plasticolors DTP, DNP and DH have been developed for plasticizer containing systems consisting of colorants suspended in DOTP (Plasticolors DTP phthalate-free), DINP (Plasticolors DNP phthalate containing) and DINCH (Plasticolors DH phthalate-free). The pigmentation provides key performance requirements such as migration-, weathering- and UV stability, non-heavy metals and cost consideration. The plasticizer-based colorants can be used in flexible PVC, artificial leather, PU/polyurea, elastomers, adhesives and sealants, flooring and thermoplastics.

Plasticolors DTP and DNP colorants integrate with automated tinting systems to help reduce colorant inventory and create blended color on demand. They are suitable for volumetric and gravimetric machine dosing.