These colorants contain organic and inorganic pigments dispersed in a monomer-free, unsaturated polyester carrier resin and provide low viscosity while maintaining high pigment concentrations.

Plasticolors CF and Auricolor PE colorants show excellent compatibility with a variety of polyester and vinyl ester molding systems and can be used for high-end and cost-efficient polyester applications. Auricolor PE is developed for high-end polyester applications and is suitable for pumping and metering in automated systems.

For gel coat tinting, the Plasticolors GTS colorants have been specifically developed for both volumetric and gravimetric dispensing, giving the end user the flexibility to utilize the colorants for in-plant or point-of-sale (POS) tinting. They demonstrate excellent compatibility with commonly used gel coat systems and consists of high-performance pigments to provide excellent weather- and lightfastness. The CF colorants are gravimetrically controlled and can also be used for tinting gel coats.