A place where employees feel empowered to be authentic, innovate and deliver significant value to customers and society. This is the culture we are building at Vibrantz Technologies. 

The challenge of bringing together three companies and three different cultures is something we continue to take seriously.  A recent McKinsey report stated that 25% of executives cite cultural misalignment as an integration concern. So how are we building a strong, shared culture that helps ensure Vibrantz thrives?

Our people are our why

Our 5,000+ employees are our greatest strength. They are the why behind so much of what we do, like why we focus so strongly on developing, rewarding and retaining our employees and why we work together to ensure we’re bringing our core purpose to life each day. 

We’re uniquely passionate about creating a highly engaged workforce. This means we are committed to creating a workplace where our people come to work each day and can perform tasks that suit their skills and talents, but also that they can do work that challenges, inspires and brings them pride. If we can do this, we will succeed far beyond providing strong financial results.”

– Imelda Torres-Laborde, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Programs built to leave a legacy

As we work toward our vision to become an enduring and sustainable organization, we envision a Vibrantz with our six core values – safety, commitment to customers, our people, sustainability and the environment, commitment to excellence and integrity, ethics and trust, – as part of the organization’s fabric. We have worked hard in our first year to begin building a collaborative environment and our sites have gone above and beyond in the commitment they’ve shown. In the past year our team has:

  • Celebrated International Women’s Day with employees worldwide and focused on inclusion 
  • Hosted a virtual 5K event for employees, neighbors and families to connect while being active
  • Heard from over 90% of employees in our first employee feedback survey
  • Continued to hear from over 200 employees directly via in-person focus groups worldwide
  • Commemorated our one-year anniversary as Vibrantz
  • Been recognized as the fifth most active chemical company on social media in the U.S. and 29th in the world

We aim to have our people feel valued, and we are in the business of improving their lives at work and in their communities. We have begun to measure and strengthen our workforce’s engagement and the investments we’re making to ensure employees’ safety, development and inclusion. Additionally, we are focusing on our sustainability efforts with a mission to ensure the vibrancy of our people, culture, communities and planet.  As part of these efforts, we have an employee-led council in place to help drive what it means for Vibrantz to be connected with our employee base by defining what it means to: 

  • Be involved
  • Have a voice and feel valued
  • Belong to an organization that is diverse and inclusive
  • Be a company that is sought after because we are an employer-of-choice

We expect to launch our first sustainability report in 2024, highlighting the work of our Corporate Social Responsibility Council whose efforts are rooted in the powerful shared belief that we are the best versions of ourselves when we are positively impacting others. 

Come build something special with us.

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Imelda Torres-Laborde

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Imelda Torres-Laborde

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Laborde has been a dedicated leader in the HR field for 20 years, well known for keeping people at the core of all she does and empowering her teams to reach their full potential. Prior to Vibrantz, she served as senior vice president of human resources at Prince International Corporation from 2017 to 2022, where she was responsible for overseeing the company’s global HR function. Laborde spent a decade with Alcoa Inc. – where she was the global HR director at the time of her departure – in various HR leadership roles focused on organizational development, talent acquisition and training. She also spent three years at Temple Inland, Inc. early in her career.

Laborde received both her bachelor’s degree in organizational communication and master’s degree in organizational leadership and ethics from St. Edward’s University.