Many of the world’s significant architectural advancements were built with brick masonry due to its beauty, durability and versatility. Often referred to as man’s oldest manufactured product, clay brick materials were initially used in buildings over 6,000 years ago and have continued to gain popularity for providing superior protection from natural elements while offering an unmatched beauty and quality.

Not only is brick proven to withstand the test of time, but it is a way for builders to incorporate nature’s color palette into architectural design. The finished colors of the clay – mined from the ground and then fired in kilns to become brick – have inspired builders and home designers for centuries.

Why build with brick?

Prized for its classical curb appeal, durability and low maintenance, brick is among the most preferred types of exterior cladding.

Vibrantz Technologies Brick

Clay brick requires virtually no maintenance over time and is naturally energy efficient, saving companies and homeowners time and money in the long haul. It is sustainably sourced and manufactured, recyclable and reusable on new projects, renovations and more.

Brick has become a timeless design staple offering customization based on colors, sizes and patterns.

Ensuring optimal color, brick by brick.

Color is one of the strongest expressive elements when it comes to brick design. Builders and homeowners desire limitless color options to bring their unique visions to life. Vibrantz is the largest global supplier of clay colorants and the only U.S. manufacturer of manganese colorants for the North American brick market. Our wide range of “just add water” applied surface coatings are individually formulated and custom engineered, predominantly for the residential construction market.

Our custom-engineered Red Crown® engobes provide the solutions our customers need to optimize desired color applications and heat work needs, minimize risk and increase productivity. Our clay-based engobes offer excellent opacity, extending the natural color pallet of every heavy clay manufacturer.

Color forecasting for custom blended products.

Our team provides an annual clay brick color forecast that identifies trends in the construction and interior design worlds, which we use to formulate unique products for our customers. In recent years, brick manufacturing processes have evolved to enable an almost infinite number of color choices. As the popularity of brick colors change regularly, Vibrantz partners with brick industry trade organizations to monitor design trends.

Every fall, our Advance Materials team presents upcoming brick color forecasts at the Clemson Brick Forum in partnership with The National Brick Research Center.

“Evaluating and researching upcoming color trends is an ongoing part of our job,” said Bryce Switzer, brick and tile business manager at Vibrantz. “We are constantly testing and developing new colors based on the market changes and annual forecasts. We take pride in our wide range of brick color and performance choices enabling our customers and end users to achieve the look they desire.”

Our products meet requirements and exceed expectations.

We design products to meet specific individual requirements and expectations of clay customers globally. We’re committed to giving hands-on access to specialists and the extensive resources needed to meet today’s color development challenges. Our engobes for bricks are manufactured on four continents, offering customers regional technical expertise and commercial support.

In efforts to enhance our customer experience in the U.S., we recently opened a new facility in Houston, Texas, where we make engobes for bricks and tiles, as well as products that serve additional markets.

Partner with us to achieve the look you desire.

Brick manufacturers around the world understand that no two brick plants are created equal. Raw materials from location to location will vary, along with firing temperatures and colors. Vibrantz partners with individual brick plants, matching their unique set of variables to custom designed products. We give customers peace of mind by ensuring the adhesion and color consistency of each product will achieve the desired look and feel.

Vibrantz’s array of engobes for clay bricks allow for more creativity and flexibility in designing projects, helping customers’ projects stand out.

Explore our wide range of colorants and additional products utilized in construction applications.

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Bryce Switzer

Business Manager, Brick and Tile

Bryce Switzer

Business Manager, Brick and Tile

Prior to Vibrantz, Switzer joined Prince International Corporation in 2015 as the business unit manager for brick and tile in North America. Switzer began his career in the clay brick industry in the late 1990’s as an architectural sales representative, working for brick manufacturers and selling products to brick dealers and distributors throughout the US and Canada. Switzer also spent nine years as a direct sales manager for a North American brick manufacturer.