In line with the growing trend of personalizing just about everything in life, paints and coatings consumers expect a wide range of color options. Color tinting systems have revolutionized the paints and coatings industry by providing a highly efficient and customizable approach to color formulation. Think a vast array of colors, precise color matching and consistent results. These systems enable paint retailers and manufacturers to provide on-demand color customization, empowering paint customers to achieve their desired shades without the need for manual mixing or relying solely on pre-mixed options.

As a leading global color solutions provider, Vibrantz has been involved in the development of color tinting systems for decades. In addition to supplying the paints and coatings industry’s most diverse range of liquid colorants and dry pigments, we provide software solutions that solve customers’ toughest challenges. Color tinting systems are incredibly important and our software solutions are relied upon the world over to help customers expand what’s possible.

The shift toward cloud-based solutions 

Color tinting systems have evolved from manual pigment mixing to advanced computerized dispensing. Early systems eliminated the difficult process of hand mixing pigments, while later developments incorporated computer technology, enabling accurate color formulation and analysis. This progression has enhanced the industry’s capacity for color accuracy, convenience and personalization, making color tinting systems an integral part of modern paint and coatings practices.

In recent years, the industry’s shift toward cloud-based tinting software has allowed paint companies to centralize data, share knowledge easily between stores and better connect with existing systems.

Innovatint – The industry’s benchmark for integrated tinting

Quality control and color matching are critical components when producing colorants for the coatings and thermoset plastics industries. Since its inception more than 20 years ago, our Innovatint software solution has become the benchmark for managing point-of-sale (POS) integrated software tinting in the paints and coatings industry. It’s functional, easy to use, has a robust interface and is built to achieve greater color accuracy, speed and service of tinted paints, which is important as retailers supply on-demand paint to end users.

Comprehensive suite of services

Innovatint 4 – our fourth generation of the software – is a one-stop-shop solution tailored to meet the needs of individual customers. From increasing productivity and cutting costs, improving store connectivity and helping tap into customer trends, Innovatint 4 provides a comprehensive suite of services unique to alternative tinting systems. The software can integrate with a variety of third-party applications, including ERP systems, e-commerce platforms and PowerBI for statistical analysis. This provides a seamless way to connect Innovatint solutions with existing tools and systems, helping streamline workflows and improve efficiency.

Our latest software optimizations include order sending to tinting machine via web browser, connectivity to Vibrantz’s Pearls dispenser and the industry’s first total solar reflectance (TSR) matching module. The TSR module is useful for architectural coatings, where color matching is critical for achieving energy-efficient building designs.

Tuomas Backman

Global Product Manager, Software Solutions

Tuomas Backman

Global Product Manager, Software Solutions

Global Product Manager Tuomas Backman leads the software development team for Vibrantz’s Color Solutions business. In this role, he helps design frameworks for commercial and marketing activities within the software solutions group aimed at enhancing customer experience. Prior to Vibrantz, Backman was head of software development at Chromaflo Technologies where he spent more than 25 years in various product and project management roles.

Backman received a bachelor’s degree in material and surface treatment engineering from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences