Food packaging ensures food safety and easy handling and transport by preventing chemical contamination and enhancing shelf life, ensuring consumer convenience. Yet as consumers become increasingly more health conscious, they are increasingly worried about harmful substances transferring from its packaging materials into the food we consume. These concerns have spurred the development of stricter regulations and the search for safer, non-toxic packaging materials that protect both the food and the consumer. 

Recently, regulatory frameworks like The German Printing Ink Ordinance have become crucial drivers for innovation within the ink and packaging industry. These regulations are aimed at ensuring materials used in printing, particularly those with direct contact, meet stringent safety and sustainability standards. Europe remains at the forefront of this movement, mandating higher purity and safety levels for pigments used in food packaging and other sensitive applications. This push toward sustainability and safety has prompted significant advancements in the industry, leading to the development of innovative solutions that not only comply with these regulations but also enhance product performance. 

Ensuring food safety with organic pigments 

Organic pigments play a critical role in the development of high-quality inks, particularly for applications involving direct and indirect food contact. These pigments, derived from natural sources, offer exceptional color vibrancy and stability while adhering to rigorous safety standards. The use of organic pigments ensures that inks are free from harmful contaminants, such as primary aromatic amines (PAAs), contaminants that occur in azo pigments- a subset of organic pigments comprised of insoluble organic compounds containing azo groups in their molecular structure. These harmful contaminants can potentially pose a health risk if they migrate into food from colored packaging and napkin materials. By leveraging organic pigments, companies can produce inks that deliver superior visual appeal and meet stringent regulatory requirements, reflecting a commitment to consumer safety and environmental sustainability.

Lysopure’s high chemical purity helps keep food packaging safe 

In response to tightening regulations, Vibrantz launched Lysopure Yellow 1317C, an organic pigment with the highest purity profile available on the market, to minimize the risk of potential exposure to harmful substances. Lysopure Yellow 1317C is specifically designed for food and sensitive applications, ensuring it meets and exceeds the rigorous standards set by European authorities. The purity of Lysopure Yellow 1317C assures customers of its safety and reliability for use in both direct and indirect food contact. 

The range of pure pigments used in Lysopure is based on a strict selection of raw materials, advanced processing techniques and an internal quality control process performed on every batch. We check each batch for PAAs, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) in the final pigment content. Lysopure is ideal for use in tissue ink and bakery paper and can be used in any application where the purity profile is of concern, such as indirect food contact packaging, finger paints, non-woven materials and other plastic applications. 

Superior performance with sustainability in mind 

Lysopure Yellow 1317C performs exceptionally well in multicolor printing processes, particularly CMYK. This pigment offers more vibrant and accurate colors, setting a new benchmark for quality in the printing industry. The high purity of Lysopure Yellow 1317C minimizes impurities that can affect color consistency and vibrancy, resulting in inks that produce stunning, true-to-life prints. This makes it an ideal choice for food packaging where visual appeal is crucial. 

In addition to its superior color performance, Lysopure Yellow 1317C is designed with sustainability in mind. The pigment is derived from organic sources, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly products in the market. Its production process minimizes environmental impact, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices. By choosing Lysopure Yellow 1317C, companies can not only improve the aesthetic quality of their packaging but also contribute to a more sustainable future. 

As the industry evolves under the influence of stricter regulations and growing consumer awareness, Vibrantz remains committed to innovating ink and pigment technologies like Lysopure Yellow 1317C.  

Your reliable pigment producer 

Vibrantz is a leading global supplier of specialty high-performing organic pigments that impart transparency and high tinting strength to establish the most vivid shades. Our range of organic pigments help customers simplify the important process of paint dispersal in paint manufacturing. Explore our expansive range of pigments in our product guide and on our website here

Vincent Devreux

Technical Service Manager, Coatings

Vincent Devreux

Technical Service Manager, Coatings