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red car speeding
red car speeding

We enable better vehicle design.

The challenge of designing a safe, unique and attractive mode of transportation has become more important for brands trying to distinguish themselves. We partner with original equipment manufacturers to bring color to the exterior and interior of automobiles, provide materials to optimize airplane electronics, and help ensure the integrity of glass in various transportation modes. Vibrantz creates specialty blends and chemicals trusted by aerospace, defense, automotive and government markets. We are one of the largest global providers for manganese needs, ceramic enamels and coatings, offering:

  • Unparalleled industry knowledge
  • Manufacturing and quality control
  • Global production sites


We help brands differentiate themselves.

With the rise of electric vehicles and a growing focus on reaching space faster, distinctive brands need high-quality coloring for glass and electronic components to distinguish themselves. The purity, consistency and reliability of Vibrantz products have made them the preferred choice for vehicle and transportation interior and exterior needs.

We collaborate with our partners to design products that fit varying purpose and performance requirements.

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