Over the last decade, emerging technologies have drastically shaped our world. From artificial intelligence to smart phones to the rise of personalized medicine and the expansion of electric vehicles, numerous technological advancements are enhancing our lives and making daily tasks more efficient. These advancements have improved the speed, convenience and comfort of living, working, communicating and learning. They have also significantly impacted our healthcare system by improving the quality of equipment, making it easier for practitioners to work and providing people with the tools to monitor their own health trends. Our advanced materials are used in myriad electronic applications and contribute to: 

  • Medical advancements that improve detection and treatment to enhance the quality of life. 
  • Connected device enhancements that allow multiple platforms to communicate and share data in real time.
  • Improvements in telecommunications that have led to increased learning resources.
  • The advancement of electric vehicles.

Electronics materials are at the heart of who we are.

Under the harshest conditions, our electronic materials and custom products must perform. Our highly reliable materials can be found in critical applications like pacemakers and defibrillators through glass powders, dielectric powders, thick film pastes and green tapes. These components ensure the materials inside, such as circuit boards and connecting parts, continue to provide the electrical current and structure needed to keep them operating. 


“Our team is regularly adapting our products to address customer needs and anticipate future market trends. We help customers make materials that save lives, all while tackling challenges like making it easier to access and share patient information through electronic medical records, improving the quality of wearable devices that can help identify health problems early on and connecting the world to telemedicine opportunities that were previously unavailable.”

– Heidi Van Halle, global sales director, surface technologies and electronics.

A customizable solution to everyday challenges

Our expertise in electronics extends beyond the healthcare industry. Our materials are also critical to the automotive, defense and aerospace, power management and telecommunications industries.

To learn more about our complete offering of electronic materials, contact your local sales representative. 

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Heidi Vanhalle

Global Commercial Director, Electronics and Surface Technology

Heidi Vanhalle

Global Commercial Director, Electronics and Surface Technology

VanHalle formerly served as business manager, surface technology for Advanced Materials at Vibrantz before assuming the role of global commercial director of electronics and surface technology in April 2023. Prior to Vibrantz, she spent 11 years at Ferro where she progressed from customer sales manager to surface technology business manager. VanHalle also spent five years at Guardian Industries in various roles including operations, human resources and inside sales. She is a graduate of the University of Iowa where she holds her Bachelor of Science in accounting.